the only picture we got of sebamkfanas waifu, it was considered too kawaii for the-. THE ANAL FLUIDS ARE LEAKING ALL OVER SEBMKFANS FACE IT IS BEAUTIFUCLL.

sebamkfan is a south american choptuna and he makes not brony music cause he is not a brony and he drew a horsie ONCE and he is now a brony . sebamkfan preferes fat people over normal people cause he broke his toe on the 7th of may. sebamkfan once made realy good robot masters but then he raped and murdered club man acnd chetam an and put there diformend love child in his mega man chrome game ripoff. he also puts nots of erectilfe disfunction objects in his game to piss of the old republicans form mehico . sebamkfans current loacation is unknown but the police suspects he is jacking of to fat fart anus lol XD bulk not FAT not fat enought HAMBRUGREARS. sebamkfan wears tight leather jeans and a sombrero cause he keeps spilling semen all over my fucking chips and chiops AAAAA. sebamkfan has a secret ercetion interest for interrobang pie

Sebamkfan was president in the United States in 1841 and remained in house for 8 years before being taken over by all the people that have wanted to have wanted to make love with him for years. These people were very disappointed by Sebamkfan's actions.

sebamkfan has recently discovered his sexual orientation thorwards zerojantior.

sebamkfans horribly mutalated body was found dumped on the streat

it was barely recognisable

Applejack mug

You can just hear Sebamkfan's fat wobble.

in loving memory of sebmakfat.

9364 - 3163

Sebamkfan addmitted that his favourite pony was Applejack, and it's almost certain that she is Sebamkfan's only other souce or fap material other than fat anus bulk woman XDDD .