janitor: hey sebamkfan,are you working??


janitor: ok that is good,you need to wear this crown cause your my little princess

janitor: its state law

janitor: if you dont you get fired you fucking little bitch

sebamkfan: sigh..ok boss

  • sebamkfan cries*
  • FIN

bango: so how is that water ?

sebamkfan: the boss called me his little princess today

sebamkfan: he forced me to strip down naked in his office

bango: thats good you know

bango: it could get you a raise

sebamkfan: what?

sebamkfan: this is what i think of your fuckin water !!!

  • slap noises*

janitor: what is going on here?

bango: this man just hit me with urban violence

sebamkfan: im sorry,did that sentance include fruit?

apple pie

banan icecream

cheeze cake

rasberry jam


apple cider*


pinapple punch

strawberry jelly

  • FIN
  • keyboard tapping sounds*
  • eating sounds*

codelimit: i think you should kill yourself

codelimit: just end it all there

codelimit: do it

janitor: hey sebamkfan, you beter be working

bango: so how about that water?

woman: im calling the police

sebamkfan: give me a coffee

woman: coffee has not existed since we belived in jesus...

sebamkfan: i forgot to tell you bob

sebamkfan: i have always loved you

  • FIN

satan: sebamkfan you fool,killng youreslf solves nothing

sebamkfan: what can i do?

satan: what is the better car

satan: karl oskar or oskar karl

sebamkfan: fuck you satan

  • aaa sounds*
  • END