owen morrison the tale of the owen morrison adn hsi life at the bakery young lad he was bakery at he was young at bakery. i had a placenta for breakfast "FUCK" at the bakery i was youn when i was 15 i sold hambergers at the store in the bakery with my lad,,,charles was his name his name was charles. how do you do it owen how do you handle the pure pressure of living under a - massive kebab .... my mother used to say before she died 11:04, March 31, 2012 (UTC) when i was 25 i sold placentas to hippies on the street it wasn´t pleasurable if you laught at me

i dislike mentally handicapped people i dislike handicapped people in general at all i dislike them all at all atl altl atlatlatlatlatlatl

how do you handle it owen how do you handle it my brothers used to say as i signed the petition

owen morrison the tale of a young doctor at the buckingham hospital

there is no buckingham hospital i used to say as i pushed around the mentally handicapped scolding there mothers at birth you see i never really did

i worked at the bakery hopsital in buckingham hospital buckingham baked ham bucking hopsintal that fucking hospital was the death of me it was going to be the death of me

my brother charles "FUCK" my lad charles used to tell me to keep out of his cavren of love we used to go there all the time and tell them to keep away as i stuck a fechilada up his reer i never mentioned it to my mum she died as i mentioned it to her i mentioned it to her in a dream and she did not die but CANCER

one time me and my lad charles.....jeremy....hackle berry went to las vegas to see all the pretyt ladies we drove our cars out of it

owen morrison the tales of the young homosexual baked hospital mentally handycapped

actually i was never mentally handicapped i have my lad hackley "FUCK" jeremy to corrispond to my letters from england , i stayed in las vegas with my brother for months it went on for months

how do you do it owen do you handle vegas how do you do it