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definetly not forum game

geometric disaster was a video games series founded in 1950s by the nazis ,it was judged metrosexual by charlie chaplin but after a group of underground weeaboos found it it exploded on the internet and on the news, it was made most famous by the lets play of its sequel by owen morrison morrison son,geoemtric disaster 2. the first game in the series was not very famous but the second game was very famous,the third game however was deemed homosexual and not very good by the chineese goverment and a small parking lot in disney land . the geometric disaster games have been a good sucess so far and the fans egerly await geometric disaster 52 ,a old school remix of the antartica spear chuckers : )

plot Edit

once upon a time terminal aids cancer spread across the world and iceland was suffering from black nigga death. dr.arizona invented the cure to terminal aids cancer thanks to science but then he was fellated by the world military where he was forced to work for it. one day dr.arizona discovered a jellyfish race and abused it in his grewat scheme of taking over the world including lavaland EDIT COMING SOON