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dr arizonas graduation picture. taken october 9 11 by donutyoshis 2 fps camerica

dr arizona is the greatits master mind of the modern ara. after he found the cure for terminal caner aids he has been made the cheif of the doctors industry in the world miltary. the bad thing about this is that dr. arizona is a fucking asshole and he wants to blow up the world. the first time he was stopped by a simple soldier but the second time he had taken over the jellyfishmen and he had to be stopped by the entire miltary of the world and the sitisens of the world itself. the third time he was posing as dr. dedaret but in the end he was discovered and defeated along with his beard monster. dr arizona has been a prick for a long time and no one really likes him besides the jelly men and the people infected with terminal cancer aids but there all niggers. he starrs in all of the geometicc disaster games 1 - 3

Dr arizonians ffat fetish

Dr. Arizona in his hit Geometric Disaster spin-off, Super Arizona Kart.